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We know how difficult it can be to ensure all of your staff are trained up in the areas required to deliver great care, and protect themselves.  We understand that when people work in small teams, releasing them as a group for training is not an option.  Filling up the spaces of a course in order for it to be financially viable is also difficult and then there is the issue of where the training should take place.  Specialist training always seems to be on the other side of the region, involving more time out of service, longer traveling time and transport costs on top.  Providing in house training also comes with its difficulties.  Finding the right sized room, allowing for people who do not turn up, making sure the group size is adequate to cover the costs and of course ensuring there are always enough trainers available to cover holidays, sickness etc etc.

Whether you use our training calendar to train those who fall by the wayside of your own internal training, use it just for the free opportunities or use it for all of your staff, other PiC groups have shown that you will recoup your membership fee due to access to hard to get training and the discounts on prices per course.  Have a look at the calendar to see what is available and be aware that this list will grow in frequency, location and variety as EPiC grows.  Of course you are more than welcome to attend the training as a non-member, just not for the same reduced rates!

Please click on a session on the calendar to find out details of location, course numbers and length of training as well as cost.

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