Empowered Partners in Care is a collection of organisations who recognise that the social, political and financial difficulties faced by the care sector now will get worse if we do not take control of the controllable.

What does that mean?

As a group of providers, we will have the ability to make ourselves heard and by working together we can share in benefits that will not be available to others.  These benefits will help with sustainability, improvements in service, standards of care, retention of staff and financial security.  It will enable us to become a region of outstanding providers who will not only survive the increase in demand but flourish in our efforts.

How do we know it will work?

There are several other PiCs across the country under various guises.  The successful ones have been running for 18 years and are self-sustaining.  As a starting point, we shall be looking at each of these and deciding which elements we would like to emulate in order for EPiC to be self-sustaining in 18 months’ time.

How will we do that?

For a small fee, each organisation can sign up to become a member.  The fee will be based on the amount of employees there are within the organisation.  Being a member will provide the potential to

  • Have your own organisational details and contact on the website.
  • Advertise your vacant posts on the website creating a single location for those looking for care work in Cheshire West.
  • Participate in the forum where individuals/organisations can ask questions and offer help and support to each other.
  • Look through the training calendar where courses will be available at a discounted price. These will be based geographically across the region to reduce travel and transport difficulties.  Links with health will also ensure free training is available where possible.
  • Attend conferences which will be available to staff from all member organisations meaning those wishing to learn more will be able to do so. Fees will be charged, but at a much-reduced rate.  Each conference will have a theme applicable to all.
  • Benefit from commercial suppliers’ input. Commercial companies will be invited to sponsor and promote events for us.  They will also be invited to market place situations where they will be charged a fee in exchange of a sales pitch.
  • Participate in staff recognition and rewards schemes available for members to enable staff to feel more valued and to help showcase great staff and the excellent work they do.
  • Explore funding opportunities for various activities but specifically through partnering with organisations such as Skills for Care.
  • Have work reviewed by Chester University. Members opting to participate in research will have their involvement published as part of the results of the study by the University of Chester.